Boubacar Traoré Biodgraphy

Boubacar was born in 1942 in Mali. He was a guitarist notable for his strong vocal sound.

His music genre is of African Blues light mixed with Kassonke style. Without formal education, Boubaccar was a self-taught artist.

During his early ages, the songs of like "Kar Kar Madison" was in the mainstream, after the country has gained independence after the war.

The muscic was intended to raise hope and build up spirit for citizen and stand up and re-build the country.

Though Kar Kar was very successful with his guitar performance career, he worked as a tailor.

At some point in the 1990's Boubacar was invited to the Malian TV shows to perform on live stage.

He amazed many of the audiences and this led to his later with successful tour around the world.

One day, the then British record company Stern's Africa found Kar Kar and negotiated to produce his first two CDs collections. One of them was the Sa Golo album.

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